September 16, 2015

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Music Spotlight: Spirit Family Reunion

Spirit Family Reunion is an Americana-based band from Brooklyn, New York.  It's easy to fall into rhythm with this band when your listen to their sound.  The band puts together this collective feel that radiates with color with each note.  This is especially evident at their live shows, as Ann Powers noted in a recent NPR article

"These Brooklyn-based musicians have called what they do "open-door gospel," and indeed, at their shows they fling open the imaginary barrier between players and listeners, entreating the crowd to shout, sing and dance right up to the stage. The band tends to sing in a circle, like the Sacred Harp choirs who meet in church halls across rural parts of the nation, raising praise for each other in glorious intimacy. The members of Spirit Family Reunion have chops to spare, but they aren't here to show off. They're here to connect."

Rolling Stone had similar praise for the band: 

"They fit in seemingly everywhere, and have an impressively varied roster of festival appearances under their belt to prove it, culminating with Austin City Limits Festival next month. Chalk it up to an undeniable onstage energy, which infuses barnburners like "Put Your Hands Together When You Spin the Wheel" and "Wake Up Rounder" with a ramshackle charm. It's addictive stuff — and will make even the most flat-footed bust a move."

My favorite songs include It Does Not Bother Me, I Am Following The Sound, Once Again, & I'll Find A Way. 


You can follow Spirit Family Reunion on Twitter @spiritfam.  Their music, including their April 2015 album release, Hands Together, is available here.

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