January 21, 2016

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Music Spotlight: Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile is a country/folk singer and songwriter from Ravensdale, Washington.  Carlile's 2015 album release, Firewatcher's Daughter, recently received a grammy nomination for 'best americana album.'

There's plenty of reason for the critical acclaim.  Carlile's voice has this combination of power and range that brings out this sense of urgency and beauty in her music.  NPR's Ken Tucker had this to say regarding Carlile's musical stylings:

"Brandi Carlile has such a powerful voice, strong and surging and urgent with controlled emotion, that much of her previous work has showcased her vocals against a subdued background.  In other words, it was easy to think of her in a folk or pop context rather than in terms of rock or country.  But it's clear that one of Carlile's goals on "The Firewatcher's Daughter" has been to expand not just into other genres, but into new degrees of intensity."

My favorite songs include Wherever Is Your Heart, Hard Way Home, If There Was No You, & I Belong To You. 

You can follow Brandi Carlile on Twitter @brandicarlile.  Her music is available here and here.

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