April 20, 2016


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Music Spotlight: Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is an American singer-songwriter with a focus on Christian music.  His music lends a folky substance with a unique blend of melody that provides for an incredible listen.  Garrels path to becoming a musician is intimately intertwined with his spirituality.  Jeff Koch's article on Garrels sheds some light on this connection: 

"Singer-songwriter Josh Garrels admitted it took a while for the gospel to “sink in.” Throughout the haze of drugs and partying in his teen years, Garrels felt a calling on his life. “Even when I was on these crazy acid trips I had this weird sense that the Sprit of God was with me,” he told Christianity Today. After his sister came to faith and brought him to church, things came together, and Garrels decided to follow Christ."

My favorite songs include Born Again, Colors, White Owl, & Don't Wait For Me.

You can follow Josh Garrels on Twitter @JoshGarrels. His music is available here.

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