June 30, 2016

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Music Spotlight: The High Kings

The High Kings is a folk group from Ireland.  The band came together in 2008, and has released four studio albums as a group.  NPR initially wrote a story about them when the band was first formed, and one thing I loved from their story on The High Kings was the meaning behind the band's name: 

"The way the music is all-embracing — it belongs to everyone. You know, the high kings 'disbanded,' for want of a better word, so long ago in history that nobody really knows where the royal blood lies in Ireland, or who's the real families. So we just thought everyone in Ireland can claim to be royalty."

What really attracted me to The High Kings is the way they are able to take folk music and make it their own- yet still preserving the tradition of their country. Nothing encompasses this more than their song Red Is The Rose: 

You can follow The High Kings on Twitter @TheHighKings.  Their music is available here

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