September 08, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory Alan Isakov is a folk musician born in Johannesburg, South Africa, now residing in Colorado.  His music is folk to the bone, his tone is a gorgeous constant, and his music floats from note to note with incredible delicacy.  The talent is there, and the music produced mirrors that.

Often noted for his impressive lyric writing ability, Isakov has this to say: 

“My songs have nothing to do with me; they have a life of their own. A lot of times I won’t know what a song is about when I’m writing it. It just has a certain feeling about it.”

My favorite songs include The Stable Song, Time Will Tell, Saint Valentine, Amsterdam, & That Sea the Gambler. 

You can follow Gregory Alan Isakov on Twitter @GregoryAIsakov.  His music is available here

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