August 03, 2015

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Music Spotlight: Charlie Worsham

Charlie Worsham is a country artist originating from Grenada, Mississippi, now residing in Nashville, Tennessee.  An artist with incredible talent and a bright future, Worsham's debut album 'Rubberband' is tailored towards modern country.  Worsham will soon get in the studio to record his sophomore album, but will wait until he can record the entire album all at once- citing artistic value.  Worsham said when the album is released, it will be autobiographical and document life moments that range from becoming an adult as an only child to reclaiming his self-assurance in his talent.

"As a ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalist and student of great songs, he's developed a unique modern country sound built around the traditional acoustic instruments he grew up on." - CMT Artists

My favorite songs include Could It Be, Someone Like Me, & Mississippi in July.

 You can follow Charlie Worsham on Twitter @charlieworsham.  His music is available here

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1 Comment

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