July 23, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson is a country artist born in Kentucky, now residing in Nashville, TN.  The best introduction to Sturgill Simpson and his music is laid out in the opening of a recent Kansas City Star article

"Sturgill Simpson has a voice and a songwriting style that evoke other eras of country music, but he’s much more than a revivalist and a re-enactor. He’s an artist who applies his own flavors and flair to several country traditions, and the results have made Simpson something of a cult hero." 

Simpson's outstanding songwriting and ability to craft country music in a unique, yet traditional way has garnered applause all over the United States.  Kevin Coffey of the Omaha World-Herald had some very high praise for Simpson: 

"Simpson has maybe the greatest voice in country - it can lull you in a love song or shake down walls - and hands that sizzle up and down the fretboard."

The praise doesn't stop there for Sturgill Simpson.  Simpson was recently mentioned on ESPN's The Russillo Show by Max Bretos, as an artist he enjoys listening to. 

Sturgill Simpson's music is something that truly represents the culture in Nashville, Tennessee- rooted, yet refreshingly unique.  My favorite songs include Turtles All the Way Down, You Can Have The Crown, Living the Dream, & Some Days. 

You can follow Sturgill Simpson on Twitter @SturgillSimpson.  His music is available here

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