July 07, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Houndmouth

Houndmouth is an americana/indie/folk band from New Albany, Indiana.  What I love about this band is the old school feel they bring to a new school musical world.  Their sound reminds me of The Strokes meets The Format.  Dave Simpson from The Guardian executes a similar sentiment

"Legend has it that when Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis first saw Indiana quartet Houndmouth at the SXSW festival, he offered them a deal on the spot. It’s easy to hear why: their songs are instantly euphoric. Exuberant opener Sedona sets the tone for this second album, matching the giddy, ethereal atmosphere of early Fleet Foxes with a killer Strokes riff and an invitation to “hop on in, in a stagecoach, baby, gonna take you for a spin.”

My favorite songs include Sedona, Penitentiary, Black Gold, & On The Road.  It is easy to fall in love with the unique yet familiar sound that Houndmouth produces.  The stellar harmonies, the raw emotion, and the classic feel all contribute to an incredible musical creation.  Houndmouth's music isn't a product- it's art.  That alone is hard to find in today's music culture. 

You can follow Houndmouth on Twitter @Houndmouth.  Their music is available here

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