June 24, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Ben Howard

Ben Howard is a singer-songwriter from London, UK.  If Bon Iver, Joshua Radin, and Mumford and Sons were to merge into one artist, we would find Ben Howard.  His music is a combination of indie and folk.  Elisa Parry describes Howard's musical talent as a singer and songwriter perfectly:

"Ben Howard has taken every thought you’ve ever had in your mid-twenties and crafted it into a folk ballad of epic proportions.  Be warned; his songs will get you right in the feels."

Howard has this ability to couple his songwriting with a melody that perfectly encompasses what his music is attempting to convey.  My favorite songs include Keep Your Head Up, I Forgot We Were Here, Old Pine, The Wolves, & Only Love.

You can follow Ben Howard on Twitter @benhowardmusic.  His music is available here

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