April 27, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Dallas Green

Dallas Green is the man behind City & Colour, and more recently part of the duo You+Me.  Green first found success with the post hardcore band Alexisonfire, before deciding to shift gears and move from playing wonderfully loud music to wonderfully melodic music: 

"I started playing guitar when I was very, very young, and with that came an amplified guitar and learning my favorite rock-band songs.  So I always had an interest in, I guess, aggressive music or loud music," he says. "But I also started singing, and realized that I had a pretty good sense of melody.  [I wanted] to play my guitar really, really loud, but also, I felt very comfortable playing a guitar quietly and singing quietly, as well." 

Green's folky vocals combined with his ability to write quality lyrics create beautiful music.  In 2014, he paired up with pop star Pink (Alecia Moore) to create a full length album under the moniker You+Me.  

My favorite songs from City & Colour include 'The Golden State,' 'Thirst,' 'Save Your Scissors,' and 'The Girl.'  My favorite You+Me songs include 'Love Gone Wrong,' 'Break the Cycle,' and 'You and Me.'

You can follow Dallas Green on Twitter @cityandcolour.  His music is available here.  You can get the full length You+Me album here

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