May 07, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Andrew Combs

Andrew Combs is a country/americana artist originally from Dallas, Texas.  Now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Combs' sound is refreshingly unique to the country world.  As puts it

"Nashville's Andrew Combs represents an outlier breed of country-leaning singer-songwriter, making his way in a city that too often reveres glitz rather than true grit these days. There's no dim-witted, corporate-branded, bro-country songs for this Texas-born musician; Combs' music is restlessly intelligent, romantically lush, and sometimes darkly brooding."

Combs recently released his sophomore album All These Dreams in March of 2015.  This album is best consumed from beginning to end, but if I had to choose my favorites: Suwannee County, Pearl, Nothing to Lose, & Slow Road to Jesus. 


You can follow Andrew Combs on Twitter @andrew_combs. You can find his music here

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