October 20, 2014


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Music Spotlight: Good Old War

Good Old War is an indie/folk band from Philadelphia, PA. This band was a pioneer for me in terms of developing a taste for the indie/folk genre. One listen to Coney Island, and I was hooked on the spectacular foundation of guitar and vocals. Last.Fm's description of the band is wonderful: 

"Good Old War radiates with warmth and vulnerability, both qualities undoubtedly cultivated by the band’s hands-on self-production, and the environment of solitude in which their music [album] was created."

From My Own Sinking Ship, to Better Weather, to That's Some Dream, the everlasting melodies and beautiful synchronizing of vocals leads to an incredible sound. 

Good Old War is currently in the midst of a PledgeMusic campaign, raising funds for their new album. You can find out more and contribute to Good Old War's production of their new record here, and below.

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