October 15, 2014

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Music Spotlight: Twin Forks

Twin Forks is a folk-rock band from Boca Raton, Florida. If you're familiar with Dashboard Confessional or Chris Carrabba, you will quickly recognize the vocals in Twin Forks. In a February 2014 interview with USA Today, Carrabba described the difference between Dashboard Confessional and Twin Forks as "Having the hopefulness, the joy and the celebration right on the surface."

"Having the hopefulness, the joy and the celebration right on the surface is something that makes it new and exciting"- Carrabba on Twin Forks

I really enjoy the free-falling feeling of the folky guitar layered with Carrabba's vocals. Two of my favorite songs include Cross My Mind and Plans. The lyrics are heavy with joy and emotion, providing for an incredible production when everything is put together into a song.

You can follow Twin Forks on Twitter @TwinForksMusic. Their music is available here.

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