December 22, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Della Mae

Della Mae is a americana/folk/roots band from Boston, Massachusetts now residing in Nashville, Tennessee.  I love the old school, harmonic, & gospel feel to Della Mae.  The band released their third album, self-titled Della Mae, in May of this year. 

The Boston Globe had a stellar review of the album, which was summed up nicely with this one sentence:

“Della Mae” is smart and assured, a continuation of the band’s penchant for blurring the lines between bluegrass, folk, soul, and old-time traditions.

While Della Mae's music is impressive on its own, what really caught my attention was what Caleb Murphy noted in his article about the band: 

"As a part of the U.S. State Department’s American Music Abroad program, the group, formed in Boston and now based in Nashville, has played concerts in Pakistan, Kazakhstan and many other places around the world." 

The article explains the mission of the American Music Abroad Program-which is to expose people in other countries to American music while aiming to make cultural connections.

Put this all together, and there is only one concusion: Della Mae is a band made up of wonderful people who make incredible music.  My favorite songs include Boston TownHigh Away Gone (Listed as one of NPR's favorite songs in 2015), Pine Tree, & Sweet Verona. 

You can follow Della Mae on Twitter @heyheydellamae.  Their music is available here.

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