October 28, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Mipso

Mipso is a bluegrass/americana stringband based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The familiar folk feel from the combination of strings is the result of Jacob Sharp on Mandolin, Joseph Terrell on guitar, Libby Rodenbough on fiddle, and Wood Robinson on double bass.  What I love about this band is the way the harmonies perfectly move with the strings, producing a new school kind of bluegrass- something that really draws you in to every note.  Cybergrass elegant description of Mipso's newly released album Old TIme Reverie says all you need to know: 

"Birthed from the ongoing renaissance currently enriching and expanding the traditional vocabularies of old time and bluegrass music, Old Time Reverie finds rising stringband Mipso putting time-honored tools to work on new terrain – with evocative, intoxicating results."

My favorite songs include Carolina Calling, Honeybee, Marianee, Louise, & Down in the Water. 

You can follow Mispo on Twitter @mipsomusic.  Their music is available here

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