September 30, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Trampled By Turtles

Trampled By Turtles is a bluegrass/folk/americana band from Duluth, MN.  As someone born in the great state of Minnesota and a finisher of Duluth's Grandma's Marathon, I definitely have some bias when it comes to this group.   This band reminds me of the Turnpike Troubadours, though Trampled By Turtles plays more with melodies (and does so beautifully) than the aforementioned.  NPR's Bob Boilen had this to say about the band after a Tiny Desk Concert:

"What immediately attracted me to Trampled by Turtles when I first saw the band was its speed, but the Minnesotans are about more than just blistering bluegrass. They also write beautiful, heartfelt folk-pop songs."

I think the comparison to Turnpike Troubadours has to do more than just the folk/americana classification.  Both bands craft lyrics in such a way that no word is empty- each word is written to have meaning, and when coupled with the incredible instrumental play of Trampled By Turtles, you get incredible music. 

My favorite songs include Wait So Long, Come Back Home, Winners, & Where Is My Mind? (Pixies Cover).

You can follow Trampled By Turtles on Twitter @tbtduluth.  Their music is available here.

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