February 03, 2015

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Music Spotlight: The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers are a musical group that create wonderful, folky/americana music from Montréal, QC. The band reminds me of Beta Radio, mostly in the blending of melodic vocals which float over the flowing, folky presence of the band's other instruments. What elevates this band to unique status is that one the band members, Sarah Pagé, is a trained harpist. As Exclaim.Ca explains, this is one of the driving forces behind The Barr Brothers' creativity: 

"For it is the presence of this unlikely instrument that drives the sound of the Barr Brothers away from the ordinary, forcing the band to innovate, to develop creative arrangements that will amplify Pagé's elegant tones."

The Barr Brothers sound is a magnificent blend of subtle overlays of various instruments and vocals, creating something absolutely beautiful. Their recently released album, Sleeping Operator, even has a touch of blues to it. My favorite songs include Love Ain't Enough, Beggar in the Morning, and Even the Darkness Has Arms. 

You can follow The Barr Brothers on Twitter @thebarrbrothers. Their music is available here.

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March 22, 2015

kai oi alloi pou exasan ti dolueia tous evlapsan kapoion allon k paei legontas do not worry.a kai episis to sympan den pairnei tis arnitikes lekseis mesa stis euxes, einai poly sygekrimeno. 8a sto pw analytika apo konta :P

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