December 07, 2014

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Music Spotlight: Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a country singer from Lyons, GA. Recently signed to Red Bow Records, Campbell has seen continued success since his 2010 release of Family Man- which led to the release of his debut self-titled album in April of 2011. Campbell's voice is a unique blend of a sultry darkness combined with a smooth charm, most evident in the chorus' of his songs. Campbell himself has as much stated his desire to bring some uniqueness to the oft-filled crowd of cliche vocals in country music. In an interview with CMT, Campbell said of his music:

"How do I show my love for that style of music, but make it my own? I believe that’s exactly what we’ve done here.”

Craig Campbell's work ethic, and desire to provide a fresh voice to the country scene while dishing out great music is what is driving his success. My favorite songs include Keep Them Kisses Comin', Family Man, and Fish. 

You can follow Craig Campbell on Twitter @craigcampbelltv. His music is available here.

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