November 24, 2014

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Music Spotlight: Levi Riggs

Levi Riggs is a country music artist currently residing in Nashville, TN. Whether its the rhythmic, folky glow expressed in I'm Good, or the homestyle, feel good vibes found in There's Still A Place For That, Riggs' propensity to tell a story through song lives in the music. His vocal ability is what brings his music to life. As CMT notes

"Having spent his entire collegiate career on stages all over the world with the famous Purdue Varsity Glee Club, Riggs has learned to craft his recordings to fit his live show."

One of my favorite pieces of information from Riggs' bio regards his authenticity to country music. As Levi's website points out, "When it comes to authenticity, Levi truly lives the country lifestyle he sings about, working with country music fans every day, selling corn and soybean seed to farmers in the state of Indiana. “I spend my weekdays visiting with growers and providing seed recommendations on their farms. They are my audience...That’s who I am,” he says.  

My favorite songs include Between Me and God, I'm Good, and Easy. 

You can follow Levi Riggs on Twitter @LeviRiggs. All of his music is available here. Levi Riggs has also released seven free songs available for immediate download here.

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March 19, 2015

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