November 05, 2014


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Music Spotlight: Beta Radio

Beta Radio is a folk/indie/americana band out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The band presents a colorful combination of voices and acoustic guitar. The guitar provides a subtle background to the sultry, smooth vocals of Beta Radio. is also a fan of the band, and describes the band with impressive compliments: 

"Musically reminiscent at times of Bon Iver’s atmosphere heavy For Emma, Beta Radio’s lyrics and music carve out a space in your head and find a way to fit into your own cosmology."

This band actually reminds me of City and Colour, especially when you listen to City and Colour's 'The Girl.' My favorite Beta Radio songs include Either Way, Where Losers Do, and their newly released East of Tennessee. 

You can follow Beta Radio on twitter @BetaRadio. Their new album, Colony of Bees, due out November 18, is now available for pre-order here.

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