September 30, 2014


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Music Spotlight: Lucky Boys Confusion

Established in the suburbs of Chicago in 1997, Lucky Boys Confusion (LBC) has captured the hearts of many in the midwest for nearly two decades. From their debut album Growing Out Of It, which featured 'Arizona Stand' 'Fred Astaire' (among others), to their 2003 release of Commitment and beyond, LBC's unique style of rock, cut with a hint of punk and ska, is somewhat of a hidden gem in the music scene.

Those who have been fortunate enough to discover LBC will tell you that the band is one of their favorites- though everyone has a different opinion on what their favorite song is. From the aforementioned 'Arizona Stand' & 'Fred Astaire,' to 'Breaking Rules,' 'City Lights, 'Atari,' and 'Bossman,' you would be hard-pressed to find two fans who agreed on what their favorite LBC song is. And that's what I love about this band. Each song tells its own story, perfectly designed from opening to end, and each evoking a different yet equally captivating emotion.

One of my favorites is Fred Astaire. From its brash style and honest lyrics to its crescendo from a slow pace to a million miles an hour, the story behind Fred Astaire is just as incredible as the song. Stuby Pandhav, the lead singer of LBC, recently wrote about the writing process of 'Fred Astaire'

"In the midst of singing the second chorus, I decided what was missing in this equation was me. The narrator’s voice needed to be heard to give a different angle to this story. I was just going to sing from my perspective and just drop the conversation for a few lines."

That quote sums up the band perfectly: A combination of perspectives that when put together, creates incredible music. 

Cluttered with songs about heartbreak, nostalgia, growing up and 'sticking it to the man,' LBC has defined a generation of fans in the midwest, and we're all truly blessed to be a part of it. 

You can follow Lucky Boys Confusion on Twitter @luckybc4080. You can find their albums here.

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