August 19, 2015

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Music Spotlight: Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange is Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, a duo country/folk/bluegrass band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The melodies forged by the duo are subtle and throughly enjoyable.  David Menconi expressed this wonderfully in his recent article on the band: 

"Marlin’s drawl rolls along at an easy-going amble, punctuated by a touch more insistence from Frantz. Distinct as their voices are, they still intertwine beautifully when they harmonize."

I love the way the various string instruments lay softly behind the melodies of Marlin and Frantz, as the lyrics dance beautifully from note to note.  My favorite songs include There Was A TimeOld Ties and Companions, Daylight, and Waltz About Whiskey. 

You can follow Mandolin Orange on Twitter @Mandolin_Orange.  Their music is available here

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