March 20, 2015


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Music Spotlight: Will Hoge

Will Hoge is a country artist and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.  His single Middle of America is currently sitting at #9 on the Texas Music Chart.  Rebekah Bell of Taste of Country does a beautiful job describing Hoge's music: 

"As one of the most gifted musicians of his day, the country singer has penned songs that explore the intricate aspects of life in a fresh, raw, earnest way. Whether he’s playing soulful melodies on his acoustic guitar or jamming out on a hard-rocking song, Hoge encapsulates the beauty and authenticity of a true musician. His goal is to create music that connects with audiences on a profound level."

Hoge's next album, Small Town Dreams, is expected out April 7, 2015.  In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Hoge spoke about some of his motivation in creating this album: 

"People like Petty, Springsteen, Mellencamp, Steve Earle — none of those artists are reinventing the wheel, but they're telling an honest story in a way that makes it feel like it's yours," he says. "If I'm part of that lineage, that makes me happy."

My favorite songs include Middle of America, Still Got You On My Mind, Even if it Breaks Your Heart, Growing Up Around Here

You can follow Will Hoge on Twitter @WillHoge. His music is available here.

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